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October, 2014: Our main parents, VariSearch LLC and VS-TrEx, are closed. We will continue to run for another 8-12 months.
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Who's Rich Parker

Rich has developed software, and trained others on computer use since 1981.  His main emphasis has been on finding ways to get different computers and different programs to communicate with each other.  He founded Varisearch in 2002, and incorporated it (Varisearch llc) in 2008, which is the ultimate owner of this site.  Rich has been developing PHP and javascript-based software for internet web sites since 2001, including the VS-TrEx traffic exchange software and VS-TEN traffic exchange network, with over 245 installations of some modules or programs on the internet.

This site came about because several customers and online friends had trouble over the years with hackers and site defacers.  Originally, he developed a 'cleanup' program, to automate defacement attacks, and this site now offers the latest version of the software as an interactive service.  The reason is so that updates would automatically be available to anyone who needed to get their site cleaned, and so that users could clean their own sites (instead of calling him at 3 in the morning).

Contact Information

If you need to contact Rich Parker, the best way is by sending an email to

If you need to send physical mail, send to:


Rich Parker
P.O. Box 32
McKeesport, Pa 15135-0032

If it is urgent, you may call (please observe that he is located in EST) at 412-567-3844

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