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October, 2014: Our main parents, VariSearch LLC and VS-TrEx, are closed. We will continue to run for another 8-12 months.
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How this works

Site-Scanner has 2 major objectives:

  • We want to let you know as soon as possible if something on your website has changed, or is suspicious.
  • We want to help you quickly and easily remove suspicious code/bad iframes from your site.

We want to help promote a safer internet for everybody!

General Concept

You will put in pages and/or domains for us to scan, along with how often to check the page/domain.  Our system will periodically 'surf' those page and look for problems.  If something doesn't look right to our scanner, you will get an email, and your site will get a 'note' here.

Things that will trigger a 'warning' (yellow):
  • If we check an htm or html page, and the contents have changed significantly, that's a warning.
  • On any page, if a new iframe appears, that's a warning.
  • If a page becomes unreachable, but the domain itself is still there, that's a warning.
  • If an unusually large number of links show up, that's a warning

Things that will trigger an 'alert' (red):
  • On any page, if encrypted javascript appears, that's an alert
  • If an iframe is found that goes to a known attack domain appears, that's an alert
  • If we detect 301 (permanent) redirects on the page, that's an alert.
  • If both the page we're checking, and the base domain are unreachable, that's an alert.

What happens after that is completely up to you:

Generally, warnings will occur when you legitimately change your website.  They notify you that something changed, but doesn't appear too dangerous.  The system is essentially asking "are you aware that something changed here?".

An alert means we found something definitely wrong... either your site/server dropped, or the page is showing something dangerous.  When an alert is triggered (other than a site down), you will get access to our cleanup software, which you can run to get rid of whatever we found.

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