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October, 2014: Our main parents, VariSearch LLC and VS-TrEx, are closed. We will continue to run for another 8-12 months.
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Site Scanner Policies and Rules

We have established these rules to help make everyone's experience here the best experience possible.

Scanner and account setup:

  • Do not scan public sites::do not enter sites such as yahoo, google, aol, msn into the scanner.  We DO keep a record of EVERY scan request, even if the system doesn't allow the scan. 
  • Do not scan sites you don't own.
  • Do not create more than one free account here.
  • Do not try to create an account with a bogus email address, or with someone else's email address.
  • Do not attempt to decode or reverse-engineer the site scanner or cleanup routines.

On-site ads:

  • No pornographic ads
  • No ads with swearing, or that show hate or racism
  • No ads for medications or supplements
  • No dating sites
  • No 'personal enhancement' ads
  • No ads for 'warez'
  • All ads must be in English; all sites should be in English, or have a working translation feature.
  • All ads must be approved before they are shown on-site.

Any site violating these rules will be suspended from rotation, and the member will receive a warning.  Blatant and/or repeated violation of content rules is grounds for account termination.

Rider rules: Restrictions on membership

  • Members must join for themselves.  Any member caught filling in forms "on behalf of" another member will face immediate account closure.
  • Membership is limited to one membership id per physical human being.  (In other words, different accounts under different email addresses that end up at the same person is a violation of our policies.)
  • Members may not spoof or tamper with our system.  Attempts to do so will lead to account termination, and potential membership banning (meaning you can't re-join).
  • Members may not send Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE or spam) promoting Site-Scanner in any way, shape or form.  We take spam seriously: if you don't have direct permission to send someone email, you may not advertise on our behalf.

Referrals page views for credits

You may show our referral page through other traffic exchanges.  Credits are given in exchange for unique views in a 24-hour period.  We will attempt to store a cookie on the viewer's browser so you can qualify for referral credits from them if they join (note: cookies last 30 days, so first-to-promote is first-to-get a referral).

Referral credits

If a member signs up through your referral page, or through our main join screen within 30 days of viewing your referral page (meaning they have your cookie on their browser), you will receive credits when they join, and a percentage of their spend is credited directly to your account.  For details, see the 'pricing / membership levels' page.

Once you have referral credit for a member, they become part of your "downline". 

Account closure

You can elect to close your account at any time.  This is done through the members' area.  If closed by mistake, you can un-close an account for up to 72 hours with no loss of credits or referrals.

Site-Scanner personnel may also close any account if it is found to violate our policies, actions used to cheat the system and/or artificially boost credit counts, actions to damage either the operation or reputation of our site (including the use of UCE (spam)), or other actions deemed by us to be unsuitable for our membership.

When an account is closed, any remaining credits and referrals are forfeited.  Referred members will rise to the closed member's upline referrer, or be listed as free agents.

These rules and policies may change, and will always be posted at

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