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October, 2014: Our main parents, VariSearch LLC and VS-TrEx, are closed. We will continue to run for another 8-12 months.
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Credit Pricing

A credit is our in-house unit of currency.  We offer on-site advertising of text ads and banners.  Each time your ad is is displayed, a portion of a credit is deducted from your account.

Our main focus here is website security; we're not going to run a traffic system here.  credits must be purchased, or earned through one of the following:

  1. We give you some credits for joining at a particular membership level
  2. If you advertise our exchange, you will receive credits for the advertising you run.  (credits per 24-hour unique view, varies by upgrade level).
  3. If you refer other members, you will get credits for the referral.

We are currently selling Regular credits at the following rates:

Quantity Total Price Unit cost
1,000 Credits $5.00 $0.00500
6,000 Credits $27.00 $0.00450
12,000 Credits $48.00 $0.00400
20,000 Credits $70.00 $0.00350
50,000 Credits $150.00 $0.00300

These prices are subject to change.  All value amounts on this site are in U.S. Dollars. 


At the current time, credits have no cash redemption value.  Purchases of credits are non-refundable.  They can only be  spent through our on-site advertising and will only be available for ads meeting our criteria.  We will provide best-efforts to show your ads in a timely fashion, but can not guarantee a particular rate of display.

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