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October, 2014: Our main parents, VariSearch LLC and VS-TrEx, are closed. We will continue to run for another 8-12 months.
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Pricing information

If you haven't read how this works, some of these terms might not make a lot of sense. 

The most important page in this section is the membership levels page, which discusses the costs and benefits of various upgrades, and the features available to each membership level.  Referral bonuses and earnings are also discussed there.

Only 2 kinds of things to buy

Currently, we are only offering 2 KINDS of things to purchase:

  • Membership Upgrades, if you need more sophsticated / faster site scanning
  • Advertising Credits, if you want to use our on-site ad system (you can show banners or text ads on our site.  Each view is 0.2 credits per banner, or 0.1 credits per text ad impression.)

1 way to earn money at this site

If you refer members to this site, and they buy something (credits or an upgrade), you get a commission.  The exact percentage depends on your membership level, but it ranges from 15% for free members, up to 60% for max-upgraded members.

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