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October, 2014: Our main parents, VariSearch LLC and VS-TrEx, are closed. We will continue to run for another 8-12 months.
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Protect your website with Site Scanner

We have a page called Member Quotes, if you are interested in what other members are saying about our system.

Get some peace of mind in 4 steps

  1. Fill out the form on the 'sign up / join' page
  2. Wait for our confirmation email - it usually arrives in just a minute or two
    1. Click on the confirmation link on the email, or
    2. If the email doesn't have a clickable link in it, come back here and fill in the 'sign up / confirm' page
  3. Wait for the welcome email.  If your verification code is correct, it shouldl arrive in just a minute or two
    1. This contains your password (if you provided a password when you signed up, you don't have to wait)
  4. Sign in, and add the pages you want us to watch
    • Free members can manually check any page they want, and have up to 7 pages scanned every hour
    • Upgraded members can have automated, deep scans of entire domains, up to once every 15 minutes.

If we find a problem on a page, you will get an email about it.

Members can then use our 'site cleaner' tool, which cleans most domains in under 10 minutes.
You can also view any entered site or domain, and see the last scan time, and what was found.

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